Saturday, December 23, 2006

Because I Have Decided To Read Again.

But before I actually crack open a book, here's a story. A few years ago, a friend of mine wanted to try her hand at short film making, and she decided the topic to explore was the self-help industry. I think she had a mockumentary in mind or something. Anyway, so her ex-boyfriend had a scary amount of self-help material, which I assume he had paid for and read, and he lent me some books because I was supposed to help her do 'research'. Thing was, we'd sit down to do 'research' and just end up pissing ourselves laughing and reading bits aloud that struck us as particularly insipid. And then we'd get a little frightened that people were serious about this stuff, and so require a smoke break. As you can imagine, nothing came of the film. But today I've been searching around my room trying to find a copy of Sense & Sensibility, because I have quite the hankering to read it NOW. Still can't find it, which is a bother, but I've realised that her ex-boyfriend's stash of self-help books is still in my possession. So I really need to return them asap, because two years is just plain rude. Also I can't stand to have the pernicious filth - now that I know it's in my house - in my house ONE MOMENT LONGER. Thankfully he'll be at a party tonight, so the filth can be returned to him. Anyway, here's the point: I noticed a bit of blue sticky paper marking a particular passage in one of the books, on which I'd helpfully written "INANE! GOLD!". And I'd like to share it with you now, because it is just a beautiful thing. It's from Reading People, the New York Times bestseller by "America's leading expert on reading people", Jo-Ellan Dimitrius PhD. This is how she begins a section called The Lost Art Of Reading People:
"Unless you've been stranded on a desert island for the past fifty years, you've noticed that the world has changed."
Are there words?

Before you go to see My Disco at the Northcote Social Club, why not pause for a while at the Wesley Anne to watch my friend Camille's band, Broken Hills. They play at around 8pm, which leaves you plenty of time to travel the hundred metres or so to the next gig. Yep, this is one super-fantastic plan.

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