Saturday, December 09, 2006

Benefits Of Being A Bujalski Fan.

#1. You get to say Bujalski.


#2. You get to enjoy films made by Bujalski.

During this year's MIFF, Mutual Appreciation charmed me silly, and I said to myself, "Who is this Bujalski?" And, "Where can I find more of him?" Well, had I had my wits about me at the time, I would have realised that more Bujalski was to be found right then and there, at MIFF, because his previous film, Funny Ha Ha was also screened, replacing Larry Clark's Wassup Rockers for some reason that was never explained. However, as I had quite badly wanted to see Wassup Rockers, but found all attempts to book for it foiled by this pesky unknown entity called Funny Ha Ha, I did the equivalent of sticking my tongue out at it and saying, "Forget you." Witless, I know. But that's all in the past, because I recently sought out and watched Funny Ha Ha, and it similarly charmed me silly. Yes, I like me a Bujalski film. But more specifically, I like seeing a pattern emerge in terms of Bujalskisms. And the Bujalskism I'd like to highlight here relates to casting. Which leads us to:

#3. Pshaw. Cute boys.

If it's been your experience that, upon discovering cute boys - and this is especially the case when the cute boys also radiate sweet-naturedness and smartness and distinctly nice niceness - you make a point of learning their names so that you can do things like Google them, and/or correctly address them in the pretend conversations you commence having with them in your head, well then, we are on the same page, is all.

The point is, the featuring of cute boys is Bujalskism 101, people, and let's be thankful for it. I refer you to Figure A, Justin Rice in Mutual Appreciation, and Figure B, Christian Rudder in Funny Ha Ha. So very cute. And the effect is only amplified when they are, say, moving and/or speaking. FYI, they do both rather well, and Justin Rice manages to pull off the feat in both films. In Mutual Appreciation though, Justin Rice also does rather well at acting like he is in a band, which prompted me to suggest to him, in one of the pretend conversations which have become a feature of our time together, "You know what, Justin? You could really be in a band. You should look into that. You would be rather good at it." For some reason, I pursued that suggestion no further, until months later, that is, quite recently, when paying close attention to the end credits of Funny Ha Ha, I noted that certain pieces of music from the film were attributed to the following songwriting pair: "J.Rice, C.Rudder". Well then. It seems Justin, lovely man that he is, has been humouring me just a tad. In his wisdom, he was probably trying to prevent the attack of gleeful hyperventilation that's hitting me right... about... now.

#4. You get a New Favourite Band.

SCREAM. They are called Bishop Allen. Oh, you will like them so much. Well, perhaps you already do. Really, how could you not?

And they are being particularly prolific at the moment, so get on board, people.


Well, in a happy coincidence, I happen to have made one (along with three other people and the financial backing of 3CR Community Radio), and am willing to let you know how to buy it. GENEROUS.


And furthermore, LOOK WHAT'S INSIDE IT.

So very pretty. And to get one of your very own (and one for your mum, your dad, your gramps, your aunties, uncles, cousins, friends, etc.), why not call 3CR on (03)94198377, or get along to 21 Smith St Fitzroy to buy it in person, or check the 3CR website for the various quality bookshops at which it is available.

Alternatively, and if you have a spare $20 and a conscience today, I will be flogging calendars/having a conscience at the David Hicks rally at Federation Square from 2pm. You should probably come along even if you don't have $20, I would suggest.

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