Sunday, December 10, 2006

Whew. Lemon gelati and Midlake.

Is all that I can handle today.

I went outside before, and quickly thought better of it. Hopefully things will have cooled down by tonight, and there had better be fans (not Midlake fans, but you know, electric-powered fans) moving air around at the Corner Hotel, because I have recently discovered that moving air is ESSENTIAL to my survival/relative comfort. Because IT'S A BIT HOT. The house is completetly shut up, and I'm stranded on the couch drinking water with ICE in it. It's rather good, too. However, lemon gelati is the best. And I just wanted that on record. Lemon Gelati Is The Best. (By the way, is it -ti or -to? It's been playing on my mind, because the tub says gelato, but I've always said gelati. Can we both be right?)

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