Monday, December 20, 2004

Have just returned from Wilsons Prom after an extended family Christmas get-together. Spent the first two days doing the Lighthouse bushwalk. And though my brother and I may have given the distinct impression that we are bratty city kids who sneer and whine at the natural wonders of Victoria being foisted upon us, what with the iPod strung between us as we traipsed along, I swear we're not. Rather, we are hard-ass bushwhacking types with the air of having seen it all before... because we HAVE. And the disapproving stares of passing walkers don't mean shit to us. Yeah, we're listening to music. What of it? You don't see me giving you attitude. Unless you count staring you down with a cheery grin because I'm so enjoying how wrongly you've 'got our number' as attitude. Like you're such an accomplished woodsman anyway! I mean, we're all just walkin here. Chill out! He he he. Man, I can't believe I'm still able to manage an onslaught of exercise like that after doing nothing of the sort for two years. My poor body. I give it no heads up. I mean, I lunched on Lygon and then worked a busy shift til 2am and then packed my bag and dyed my hair and set off for the Prom at 6am and then walked for 20km. Up hills and such. WITHOUT SLEEP. I am so tough! I am A MACHINE. Anyway, after we walked the 20km back the next day, we spent the next two days at Tidal River with the rest of the assembled family. Despite all the various tensions and 'not on speaking terms' going into it, there were no brawls. One outburst, total. Otherwise, just silence and nattering and tedium. I got sunburnt. Did a lot of crosswords. Hung out with the cousins. Ate turkey and ham and pudding. Stuff like that. Not much to blog about really, except I feel that I have to because I've been neglecting this. Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to interview Andrew Bartlett about his hunger strike for the radio show and then I'll spend the summer doing really interesting things. I swear.

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