Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Went to see Garden State today. I really liked it. But that's not why I mention it here. No, the thing worth mentioning is that today, while watching it, I fell in love. Big time. Like, DEEPLY. I mean, didn't you? Don't you just really really want to marry that 'Mark' guy? I really really do. You know, he's the one who is Zach Braff's buddy in the movie. There's just something about him. I love him so damn much. There's a special quality to him that I can't quite put my finger on. He's just so, um, I can't quite describe it. I think the word is YEAH! Yes, that's it. He's just so YEAH! And I am in love with him. I am totally going to go on a Peter Sarsgaard movie binge asap, so that I may know him in all his forms and make him my man.

After the film I did a bit of shopping, ostensibly for christmas presents, but really, I just bought things for myself. And I rediscovered the danger of bookstores. I spent ages flicking through Tatler and thinking, "Yes, it is rather wonderful isn't it? And who are these people? Ah, so much to discover. But no, you are not going to buy it. You are NOT." It was such a painful conversation to have with myself, as I wanted to pore over Tatler so bad. But in the spirit of compromise I told myself I could get an NW. I mean, I wanted to get both, but I felt I was being all prudent and shit by opting for the less expensive of the two glorious things. But then I spied Paris Hilton's Confessions Of An Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind The Pose and all my plans became irrelevant. They had been made in another time, another world. A world where I had completely forgotten that Paris had a book out and that her book signings had been protested by people accusing her of contributing to the mediocritisation of public culture, or something. Obviously, I just HAD to have it. Quite suddenly, it became really easy to leave Tatler and NW behind. I really am very callous and unfeeling, aren't I. But oh, Paris' book is so much gold. I've only read the blurb as yet, but yeah, this baby's gonna rule. I am so delighted with this purchase. I giggle a bit and beam whenever I look at it. Anyway, if you ever wanted to know what the official job description of Paris Hilton is [you humourless work ethic thumping bastards], then the blurb provides:

PARIS HILTON is the great-granddaughter of hotel magnate Conrad Hilton. She is a socialite, model, recording artist and actress who has appeared on television shows and in feature films and has been the subject of countless photographs and feature articles.

Love. That. So, that's my night sorted then.

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