Sunday, May 01, 2005

So, I went to Architecture In Helsinki quite intrigued about how they would all manage to fit on the Northcote Social Club stage, and then navigate all the position swapping and such. But they managed fine, and were good. I don't think they were as awesome as when they supported David Byrne, but they were still good, and their cover of what I'm told was Roxy Music's Love Is The Drug was excellent - as of course were their own musical stylings, eg. Do The Whirlwind, It's 5!, Wishbone, In Case We Die, and that love song one, etc. Anyway, aside from the show, what is with cunty types, and why do they have to put themselves about, especially where you don't expect to find them? Like at the gigs of really good bands. How can boorish 'lads' like the same music that I do, or even be interested in it? It's actually worse when they do have an interest in the music. Because then they proceed to have preposterous conversations. Tonight wasn't very bad in that way, but me and Erin talked about it a little while watching some wankers, and now I'm just having flashbacks to cunty types, young and old, at various gigs around the place, who have astonished me with their existence. Have you noticed that some subsets of this general cunty type are inordinately excited by beer, even though it isn't even brand new or anything? Still, it must be commented on every time, nonethless. Sometimes high-fives are required too, and just generally looking cuntsmug. Cuntsmug is my new word. I stole it off my brother, whose friend claims to have coined it. You use it in this way - "He's not just smug. He's cuntsmug." See? Isn't it wonderful? Anyway, the point of my detour here is this: crap people are wankers. Deep. Getting back to the gig, Prue was there tonight with a posse of former telemarketers, circa 2000. And one of them was the AIH bassist, so I got to shake his hand and say "I'm Elanor. EL-A-NOR." Which was neat and brief, but an exchange nonetheless.

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