Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday things

3CR Tuesday Breakfast Show
  • Steph spoke to Fleur Watson, curator of the State of Design festival.
  • heard Steph's interview with Peter Stewart from Bundanoon about his town's decision to ban the sale of one-use bottled water.
  • I spoke to Rachel Maher for the monthly New Matilda update, today focussing on recent articles about media issues within China and Sri Lanka.
Kes Band - Amelia Airheart - Kes Band II
Aleks and the Ramps - Whiplash - Midnight Believer
The Mayfair Set - Let it Melt - Young One
The Bats - Like Water In Your Hands - The Guilty Office
Wreckless Eric - Excuse Me - Greatest Stiffs
CocoRosie - Joseph City - Coconuts, Plenty of Junk Food

LISTENING Tuesday July 7-Tuesday July 14.
Last.fm says this week was spent in the company of:
Beach House, Beach House, Devotion and Used To Be
Various, New Weird Australia Volume One
Mount Eerie, Wind's Poem
Kes Band, Kes Band II
Camille Deane, Up Here
The Mayfair Set, Young One

Later in the day I interviewed Jeff Sparrow over the phone about his new book, Killing: Misadventures in Violence, for this week's Stick Together.
And then Malalai Joya came in to 3CR and I interviewed her for this week's Women On The Line. She gave me a hug. It made me think I need to start a list...
List of People With Whom I Am Proud To Have Had Actual Physical Contact
(I swear, I shook their hands at least):

Catharine MacKinnon
Ali Abunimah
Malalai Joya

...Uh, I can't think of any others just at the moment.

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