Saturday, January 29, 2005

Don't you just LOVE it when your obsessions infect those around you? I do. And boy is my immediate, deep, deepening, over-invested (this is a comment on this post, if that makes it any clearer), bordering on obsession now, and presently fully blown and slightly sick obsessive love of Peter Sarsgaard spreading nicely. It's a movement, people. You looked at me funny and were like, "Why?" when I was gushing madly about how I'd fallen immediately in love with him while watching him in Garden State, and you were like "Who was he in Garden State?" and I was like "The awesomely cool one! Der!" Still, I got funny looks. But ha! Anita was the first to crack. And now I'm randomly getting phone messages from people who have been struck down by Sarsgaard love, or are ensnared enough in my madness to actually give a shit. Here are some SMSs from the past few days that made me gleeful, and then psychotically jealous and possessive.

Sent: 02:26:41pm

Hey i saw kinsey... Think I now understand yr obsession with peter sarsgaard who is just the hottest thing ever. Ever.

Laurie D (taking time out from her holiday in Queensland to think of me. My obsession is encroaching on holiday fun. Score!)
Sent: 01:57:11am

I am saving the peter sarsgaard spread from In Style for you... So hot right now!

Leah (again. She's reaching the over-invested stage. Love it.)
Sent: 02:12:27pm

I didn't know maggie gyllenhaal was seeing peter sarsgaard. This is a good celebrity couple!

DO YOU SEE WHAT I HAVE DONE? Perfectly rational people have saved the spelling of "sarsgaard" into their moblie phones! Because of ME! Ah ha ha ha ha. God I love that man.

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